Finding time to put pen to paper


Balancing the day-to-day workload while maximising opportunities to promote your business.

Body Corporate Brokers (BCB) is the largest niche specialist broker for Strata and related insurance in Australia. It has built a national presence over the last 20 years, with branches in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. BCB is well-known for its ability to provide genuine expert insurance advice and is often invited to attend industry events and contribute content for key publications.

But it faces the classic dilemma – how much time to spend managing the day-to-day operational functions of a growing business while trying to capitalise on opportunities to market its people and services, building a profile as a thought-leader.


Work with a dedicated content writer (that’s me!) to fill a communication skills gap.

By partnering with BCB and its marketing team, we have developed a long-term calendar of events, from which we can then identify content opportunities. These include social media posts, magazine editorial, promotional flyers and brochures etc. I meet regularly with the team to ensure I am up-to-date with industry news and any changes the business is undertaking.

This approach not only removes the burden of generating content from the business leaders but also ensures BCB has a constant presence within the strata community across a wide variety of mediums. I help build the profile of the business, and of its leaders, and reinforce its position as a trusted specialist. And just as importantly, I do all this in a consistent tone of voice that helps build the BCB brand.